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Set Design-Hudson Valley Shakespeare Educational Touring Program

Access Shakespeare
Produced by
Hudson Valley Shakespeare Educational Touring Program Cold Spring, NY
Set/Props Designs: Sue Rees

Hamlet 2009
Directed by Christopher V. Edwards
Set – table, benches, red velvet curtains on moveable frames

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2010
Directed by Christopher V. Edwards
Set – folding reversible screens, large pink fur cushion, smaller purple velvet cushion, garlands

Julius Caesar 2011
Directed by Christopher Edwards

Set - printed banners, flags, police barricades, step ladders

Romeo and Juliet 2012
Directed by Ryan Quinn

Set/Props:barrels, baseball bats, tennis racquets, banners, pennants, ladders, back packs, chairs.

Othello 2013
Directed by Christopher Edwards

Touring production. Images of play being performed at Montessori School, Yonkers, NY.
Set-Cargo Boxes, wooden supply boxes, cargo netting, folders, bedding, plastic knives, cups, flasks

Much Ado About Nothing 2014
Directed by Christopher Edwards and Michele Vazquez
Images shown in sequence on 50" TVs SR and SL
Clip combines the images; two channels were used in the play, presented on the two TVs.

Macbeth 2015
Directed by Ryan Quinn

4 large totems, 3 small totems, 5 standing triangular totems, red sand forming a circle, ceramic jugs, canvas bags

A Midsummer’s Night Dream 2016
Directed Jason OConnell

Set: 4 poles, lights, fabric, 5 mattresses, textured throws, textured pillows, toys, bedside accoutrements. rug, baskets

Romeo and Juliet 2017
Directed by Tom Ridgely

Set/Props: ladders, clothe, mattresses, bunk bed, lights, cushions

Hamlet 2018
Directed by Devin Brain

Set/Props: road boxes, stretchers, canvas curtains, various hand props, skulls and a brush, paper products, notebooks

Much Ado About Nothing
Directed by Kholoud Sawaf

Set/props: 2 twin front ladders, 6 stools, various props