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Set Design-HOW TO LIVE

By Mindy Pfeffer

Directed by Jean Randich
With Christine Bruno, Danielle Delgado, James Hallett , and Jacqueline McCarthy

scenic and projection design by Sue Rees
costume design by Charles Schoonmaker
lighting design by Samuel J. Biondolillo,
sound design by Robert Murphy,

Poland, 1941: a young Jewish girl watches in horror as her father is brutally beaten by German soldiers. He makes her swear to keep silent. The next day, he also chooses silence. He stops speaking and spends a year reading Shakespeare. Postwar, the girl, Maria Pfeffer Orwid, becomes one of Poland's leading psychiatrists and finds herself face to face with a man who worked as a doctor at Auschwitz - a man who believes that what he did to survive the war is unconscionable. How to Live is a meditation on grief, courage and in choosing life after insurmountable odds. Inspired by actual events.
At The 14th Street Y , New York City January 2023