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Set Design-A Secret Life of Seaweed

by Julie McKee
Directed by Jean Randich

Sue Rees (Set/Projection),
Elizabeth Hope Clancy (Costume),
Christina Watanabe (Lighting)
Robert Murphy (Sound)

At HB Studios, Bank St, New York

January 28th – February 17th 2019

I did the projections and set design for this showcase production. The play was a lovely piece about the relationship between the two main female characters.
Projections include footage from WW11, seaweed, still images, animations
Projected onto gauze curtains.

New Zealand, 1941, under threat of a Japanese invasion Louise MacGregor, formidable scientist, and Mae Smith, untried youngster, are sent on a mission in search of Pterocladia Lucida, a simple seaweed to aid the war effort.